Crossbow Camera Club
Open Competitions Rules
1. The object of the competitions is to encourage the production of images whether slides, colour and monchrome prints by members.  
2. Three open competitions will take place during the year.  
3. Up to 6 images for projection and / or 6 colour prints and / or 6 monochrome prints may be submitted by each member.  
4. All images must be the photographer's own work and should not have previously been entered into an open club competition.  
5. Entries should bear a competition number and be titled.
(Competition numbers are on your subs receipt.)
6. Images for projection should be submitted on flash cards or cd and adjusted to 1440 pixels along the longest side, should be the right way up and saved as tiffs or uncompressed jpegs. The facility exists within the club to scan slides for competition on request.  
7. Prints can be from 5x7 inches excluding border up to 40x50 cms including border and should be mounted.  
8. The three open compettions and the Print and Projected Image of the Year Competition will be judged by expereienced photographers from other clubs.  
9. All images entered will get one mark. In additional entries placed will receive additional marks as follows:
1st 5 marks, 2nd 4 marks, 3rd 3 marks and highly commended 2 marks.
Marks will be accumulated through the year for the Trophy League.
Print and Projected Image of the Year Competition
  All placed entries are eligible plus a maximum of 6 images in each category submitted but unplaced in the current year.